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St Andrew's College - Music

Intune 2014

Participating Colleges: 13: St. Xavier’s, Mithibai, Don Bosco, R.D.National, Ruia, St. Francis Institute, MMK, Apostolic Carmel Girls College, Xavier’s Institute of Engineering, N.M., Fr. Agnels Engineering, K.C., Viva College and St.Andrew’s

Judges (Finals): Dominique Cerejo, Garth D’Mello and Rohan Fernandes.


Solo Singing
1st Radhyi Tyagraj, R.D.National
2nd Allan Makrekhar, Mithibai College
3rd Michelle Saldanha, Don Bosco

Duet Singing
1st Faye And Marilyn, St. Andrew’s College
2nd Prince George and Moniraj, Mithibai College
3rd Calvin and Malcolm, Don Bosco

1st Prince Geroge, Allan Makrekhar, Moniraj, Ishita Sawant, Kavya, Prem, Akshar and Sapphire, Mithibai College
2nd Samantha, Elita, Leeandra, Perpetual L., Perpetual S. and Michelle , Apostolic Carmel
3rd Verrill D’Souza, Emmanuel Mordem, Keegan Pais, Elton Lobo and Shawn Fernandes, St. Andrew’s College

Western Classical Instrumental
1st Jason Pereira, Fr. Agnel
2nd Trichia Rebello, St. Andrew’s College
3rd Nahor Silveira, Xavier’s Institute of Engineering

Western Non Classical Instrumental
1st Kushal Chheda, Ruia College
2nd Albert D’Souza, St. Andrew’s College
3rd Prince George, Mithibai College

Hindi Karaoke
1st Sagar Singh, R.D. National College
2nd Prince George, Mithibai College
3rd Ollentina Patel, St. Andrew’s College

1st St. Andrew’s Cpllege: David, Craig, Ralph, Rohanan, Riya
2nd Xavier’s Institute of Engineering: Ron, Neilson, Suraj, Yohan
3rd Don Bosco: Nigel, Reggie, Francis, Allan